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Our Approach

We believe that successful investing in lower-middle market companies requires expertise and not just capital.  We put our time to work in addition to our money, and we look to form lasting partnerships with management teams.

While not a requirement, we have a preference for investments that have the potential to last a long time – i.e. more than 10 years.  Unlike a traditional private equity fund, our Roundtable fund has no termination date.  We do not seek to “flip” our portfolio investments every 3 to 5 years.  All other things being equal, we would rather invest in 3 companies for 15 years than 15 companies for 3 years.  In this way we can be better partners for management teams and existing owners.

We put our own money to work, and we look for partners who do the same, reflecting our belief that “skin in the game” makes for better alignment of interests. 

We believe that investments in excellent companies at fair prices perform better over the long run than mediocre companies at cheap prices.   We look for businesses with genuine competitive advantages, and we support management teams in taking these businesses to the next level and beyond.

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