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Advisors. We greatly appreciate the constructive role that M&A advisors and other professionals play in private equity transactions – on either side of the table. We welcome any and all new investment ideas from advisors, other professionals and managers alike, and endeavor to respect their time by responding promptly and thoughtfully.


Finders. We believe in rewarding those who make a positive contribution, and we will pay finders’ fees to professionals who do not represent the seller but are instrumental in bringing us an investment we would not otherwise have an opportunity to see. See below for a template agreement.


Lenders. We look for senior and subordinated lenders who share our values and approach to business. Consistent with our overall philosophy, we believe that a good credit relationship involves more than money and pricing. Quality matters. We value the industry expertise that our financing partners can offer, and we respect perspectives that may not coincide with our own because they provide us an opportunity to listen and learn.


Template Agreements.

Buy Side Representation Agreement

Confidentiality Agreement

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