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Current Investments

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Bulk Tank, Inc.

( manufactures valves and other flow-control components used primarily in pneumatic dry-bulk trailers.

Bulk Tank was acquired in May of 2016 by newly formed limited liability company owned by management and an affiliate of Sage Capital.

Check Technology Solutions

( designs and manufactures electrical devices used to control temperature in seats and insulated bags.  The Company sells both full thermal systems as well as separate components

Check Technology Solutions was acquired in July of 2018 by newly formed limited liability company owned by management and an affiliate of Sage Capital.

DIT-MCO International ( manufactures wire integrity test solutions that are used world-wide in connection with the development of commercial and military aircraft, defense communications and weapon systems as well as space and satellite applications.  The Company has been a leader in wire test solutions for over 60 years.  


DIT-MCO International was acquired via an asset purchase led by Capital For Business and Sage Capital in January 2016.

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K. Hall Studio LLC ( designs, produces and sells home fragrance goods including scented candles, diffusers, hand soaps, lotions, creams and bath oils.  The Company sells products primarily under its own brands, including K. Hall Designs, Barr-Co, Simpatico, and U.S. Apothecary.


K Hall Studio LLC was acquired in May 2015 by an affiliate of Sage Capital in partnership with management.

Mohawk Lifts LLC ( designs and manufactures vehicle lift equipment, specializing in lifts with higher-weight capacities capable of servicing medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, and also distributes undercarriage service equipment manufactured by other companies, most notably Hunter Engineering.


Mohawk Lifts was acquired in November 2020 by an affiliate of Sage Capital in partnership with the company's founder and management team.

Store Supply Warehouse LLC ( is the leading distributor of store fixtures and store supplies to small, independent retailers throughout the United States. Based in Saint Louis, Missouri, the company sells over 2,000 SKUs ranging from fixtures such as showcases, slatwall and mannequins to supplies such as shopping bags, hangers and price tags, from five warehouses located in Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, Nevada and Pennsylvania. Products are marketed via a nationally-distributed catalog and the Internet.


Store Supply Warehouse was acquired in May 2005 by an affiliate of Sage Capital together with the company’s current chief executive officer.

Quest Logo.jpeg

Quest Food Management Services LLC ( is a leading provider of food services to schools, colleges and other institutional clients located primarily in metropolitan Chicago and adjacent markets.

An affiliate of Sage Capital made a minority growth capital investment in the company in April of 2021 in support of the managements team's growth initiatives.

Prior Investments

Randall Manufacturing LLC was a leading manufacturer of insulated products used to control temperature in refrigerated vehicles and refrigerated warehouses, as well as metal ramps used in the transportation of food products.  


Randall Manufacturing was recapitalized in June 2006 in a transaction led by the Company’s current chief executive officer and an affiliate of Sage Capital. Randall Manufacturing was subsequently sold to Safe Fleet Holdings in 2017.

Revenue Cycle Partners LLC was a specialty provider of accounts receivable management services for hospitals, focusing on the “self-pay” portion of medical accounts receivable in the pre-collection period and third party account resolution services.   The company operated three patient care centers in Billings, MT, North Liberty, IA and Olathe, KS. 


The company was recapitalized in July 2008 in a transaction led by one of its co-founders and an affiliate of Sage Capital.  Revenue Cycle Partners was subsequently sold to Avadyne Health in December 2010.

The Saint Louis Brewery LLC ( is a regional craft brewery and operator of brewery restaurants in Saint Louis.  Founded in 1991, the company sells beer under the “Schlafly” label in a primary region that extends in a radius of approximately 300 miles around its main brewery in Saint Louis.  

The company was acquired in June 2012 by an affiliate of Sage Capital, in partnership with the company’s founder and its chief executive officer. In 2019, the company was recapitalized in a transaction led by the Schlafly family.

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